Level 8

Scientology, channeling, goblins, orges, vampires, mummy, ghouls

(c) 1990 Paramount Pictures.
(c) 1990 Paramount Pictures.

Psychics who channel are much more than psychics who simply read your fortune (see level 2). These gifted individuals purport to "move aside" and allow another entity to possess their physical self and speak through them. This other entity then can use the host body to communicate their otherworldly message to us. Famous channelers include J.Z. Knight and Esther Hicks. Other famous psychics, like John Edwards display channel-like activities without seeming to "step aside." They are listening to other entities, interpreting their input, and sharing what they've heard. Houdini, a very mystical man, once said that when he died he would attempt to communicate with the living, presumably contacting us through the experience of channeling. To date, I'm unaware of successful contact. I'm still looking for a mystical entity to reveal next week's lotto number, but I guess the powers from other dimension do not extend into the world of gambling!

In level 8 we also lump in the more "extraordinary" creatures. Ghouls, mummies, zombies, vampires, ogres, and goblins are definitely a step up from elves and fairies. Exactly why, well, we're not sure. But somehow it seems that a belief in an ogre is much more WooWoo than a cute, gentle little pixie. On a side note, emo/goth teenagers running around *thinking* that they’re vampires is not equivalent with the belief in undead creatures that live by sucking the blood of living creatures.

Finally, we lump the followers of Scientology in this category. We can't say why or offer more details out of fear of legal persecution. We'll leave it to you to fill in the blanks!

Quiz Questions

If you answer "yes" to some or all of these questions, you are at least this level. Go up to the next level of woowoo. If you answered "no" to all of these questions, your woowoo level is definitely one level below this level.

  1. Are you a follower of Scientology?
  2. Do you believe in any of the following creatures: Zombies, ghouls, mummies, vampires, goblins, hobgoblins, orcs, orges, trolls, werewolves, or succubuses?
  3. Have you ever attended a channeling session?
  4. Did you believe that another entity was present at the experience?
  5. And that they cannot share lotto numbers with the human race?


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