Level 6

Atlantis, crystal with healing properties

Courtesy of Wikipedia.  Public domain image.

Courtesy of Wikipedia. Public domain image.

Atlantis appears in the works of Plato. He details an island and civilization that disappeared after a catastrophic event. Since Plato’s time, the story of this wondrous island has become the source of many myths, stories, and folklore. Some say upon the island lived an advanced culture that existed 8,000 years before the ancient Greeks. This culture is thought to be the common link and source for the alignment of many ancient structures such as the Mayan and Egyptian pyramids. Ramtha, a being channeled through J.Z. Knight, is an ancient being from Lemuria and has reported to have fought the ancient Atlanteans (and if you believe that, please pass go, collect $200, and advance to level 8 ).

The Earth has captured the beauty of a rainbow through the facade of gems and crystals. Throughout history, we have used these rocks as a symbol of wealth, a medium of exchange, and even as a tool to change the physical and emotional world. To level 6 WooWoos, gems and crystals all have subtle energies that can influence reality. Need an emotional lift on a dreary day? Wear some jade. Want to attract the opposite sex? Carry an opal in your pocket. Has science ever shown that one rock has energetic qualities different from another (or any energetic qualities at all)? Not really; but that has had little impact on the countless crystal dealers, gem shows, books, and devices all grounded in the fact that crystals can help us.


Quiz Questions

If you answer “yes” to some or all of these questions, you are at least this level. Go up to the next level of woowoo. If you answered “no” to all of these questions, your woowoo level is definitely one level below this level.

  1. Do you own a crystal(s) or gems for their healing or energetic properties?
  2. Do you believe in a pre-history civilization that lived on an island that vanished due to some cataclysmic disaster?
  3. Did the Atlantians possess weapons of mass destruction that was the source of their undoing?