Level 2

Ghosts, reincarnation, fortune telling, ESP

Courtesy of Wikipedia.  Public domain image.

Courtesy of Wikipedia. Public domain image.

We’ve all heard a ghost story or two growing up. Maybe we’ve even seen the image of something out of the corner of our eye, only to disappear when we turn to get a better look. Or noises of someone walking when we know no one is around. From Hamlet’s dead father to Ghostbusters, ghosts have captivated our imagination. A level two WooWoo then undoubtedly believes that the deceased can, and do, walk the Earth. Which raises the belief in reincarnation. Here the dead return to the Earth, albeit in a different physical form. Reincarnation belief can be found in some of the world’s most popular religions including Buddhism and Hinduism. Details surrounding reincarnation vary. Some believe species reincarnate into the same species. Others differ. You can be human in this life, a frog in the next. Also, the point and reason behind reincarnation will vary. We may reincarnate to learn lessons or simply to get another piece of that New York cheesecake.

Finally, on the same level of believability in reincarnation and ghosts is the art of fortune telling. Since the dawn of time, humans have always looked for answers concerning future times and unknown worlds. Prognostication is the art of being able to provide that information. Soothsayers exists in nearly every culture throughout history. Has science ever been able to verify the art’s validity? No, but that hasn’t stopped people from visiting their local psychic. Indeed, even in our modern, scientific American culture, more people turn to horoscopes each day than to their community section in their newspapers.


Quiz Questions

If you answer “yes” to some or all of these questions, you are at least this level. Go up to the next level of woowoo. If you answered “no” to all of these questions, your woowoo level is definitely one level below this level.

  1. Can, and do, the deceased have spirits that can exist in the physical plane?
  2. Have people seen and even talked with these spirits?
  3. Can a soul, after death, return to Earth in the same form or another?
  4. Do mediums exist that can dance the threshold between the living in the dead?
  5. Have you seen the movie “Beetlejuice” more than six times?
  6. Is the art of using a psychic in which to describe your fate accurate?
  7. Do you look forward to purchasing the latest horoscope booklet from the supermarket checkout line (or at least breezing through it while you’re waiting for the customer in front of you to pay by check?)