Level 10

Tin foil protection, ufo pregnancy, stickers on your cell phone to cut radiation

Courtesy of Wikipedia. Public domain image.
Courtesy of Wikipedia. Public domain image.

Congratulations, you made it to the pinnacle of WooWoo-ness. Maybe you arrived here because you're curious about the behavior of someone who’s a 10. But maybe, just maybe you're one of the special individuals who hold the torch to lead the people to new ideas, perspectives, and challenges. Yes, you are unique alright!

The UFO trend is revisited for its final appearance in level 10. This time, a level 10 WooWoo believes that human beings are impregnated with alien fetuses (or some other genetic insemination) as some kind of experiment. We know little about this occurrence because of a vast government conspiracy to hide the evidence. However, the cover is sometimes blown and these alien hybrids do get some public exposure. Hence the reason for daytime talk shows.

Level 10 WooWoos are also known to purchase stickers from eBay or New Age events that they will adhere to their cell phone in order to cut radiation emissions. The practice of employing strange products to prevent even stranger maladies is exemplified in the art of wearing aluminum foil. Level 10 WooWoos will tell us matter-of-factly that this practice is needed in order to prevent aliens from reading our minds. Aluminum foil hats are also perfect for preventing mind reading and overall influence from stupid people. Are you interested, oh ye level 10? Conveniently, you can purchase a beanie from Amazon.

Quiz Questions

If you answer "yes" to some or all of these questions, you are at least this level. Go up to the next level of woowoo. If you answered "no" to all of these questions, your woowoo level is definitely one level below this level.

  1. Have you ever made, or considered making, a hat out of aluminum foil as some kind of protection device?
  2. Have aliens ever knocked up a sweet litl' country girl?
  3. Have you ever had too many drinks at the bar and feeling a little "hot under the collar," ignored your friends' advice, and took that small green fella home for a nite of "fun?"
  4. Did the pregnancy test the next show a positive (10 extra points if your a male and you answered yes to this question).
  5. Have you ever afixed a sticker to your cell phone with the hopes that it did anything/something?

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