Level 4

Loch Ness monster, big foot, Bermuda triangle

Courtesy of About.com.  Public domain image.

Courtesy of About.com. Public domain image.

Now the WooWoo scale turns to more specific instances or specific creatures in which to gauge one’s WooWoo-ness. Gone are the philosophies of God or the possibilities of miracles. Now we’re down to the nitty-gritty; what we’d like to call “the urban legends, myths, and folklore” of the WooWoo scale. Of course, if you believe in them then they are no longer myths or stories. (But then, we can also brand you a high-level WooWoo).

What about a prehistoric snake-dinosaur-like creature swimming in Scotland? Or an ape like creature roaming the woods of the Pacific Northwest? Could these creatures have escaped extinction thousands of years ago while their relatives went the way of the dinosaur? While it’s certainly possible, scant evidence of their actual existence has only fueled more stories instead of physical evidence.

Finally, the acceptance of the Bermuda Triangle is considered a Level 4 belief. While the theories of “why” go from scientific to loony, the belief in the “what” of the Bermuda Triangle will toss you into Level 4. The what is loosely defined as the belief that aircraft and sea vessels in a particular area of the Caribbean are susceptible to disappearance or destruction. Whether you chalk it up to portals opening in the space-time continuum or Neptune‚Äôs wrath via the kraken, the “why” is best left to your imagination.


Quiz Questions

If you answer “yes” to some or all of these questions, you are at least this level. Go up to the next level of woowoo. If you answered “no” to all of these questions, your woowoo level is definitely one level below this level.

  1. Do you believe that there’s an area of the Caribbean waters in which planes and ships are more likely to disappear or become destroyed?
  2. Is there a primate humanoid roaming and living in the woods of the Pacific Northwest?
  3. Is it completely covered in hair/fur?
  4. Is “it” really a “he” named “Harry” and living with a family called “the Hendersons?”
  5. Does a prehistoric freshwater plesiosaur dwell within the waters of Loch Ness?